Unique handmade Tamil cards for any occasion

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£1 from every card goes towards helping feed families in isolated villages in Sri Lanka  

Tamil greeting cards

Send a smile!

Birthday? Wedding? Period party? Check out our full range of fun Tamil inspired cards!

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Splash of colour!

Brighten up your room or house with fun art and prints to say something about you and the things you love

Tamil children's book

Discover together!

Toddler-safe Tamil board books, making teaching and learning Tamil fun

from an early age


packaged in biodegradable
& recyclable sleeves

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Make learning fun

Learn Tamil in a fun way with beautifully made jigsaw puzzles and wall decals exclusively from The Heritage Supply Co


About Us

We are second generation Tamils who want to capture the beauty of our language and culture. As we are both young parents, we wanted to find a way to share our appreciation for our heritage with family and friends, and teach the next generation where they are from. We are both full-time doctors, and are enjoying this creative outlet in addition to our other commitments.

After the sudden passing of our father Ulaganathan to Coronavirus, we set up this company in his honour. His name means "worldly person" and we hope these cards help to keep you in touch with your loved ones around the world during these challenging times we are going through. His main passions were education, food, health and humour. We hope to encapsulate these through our products.


Thank you!

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